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Balm of gilead infused in sweet almond oil

Balm of gilead is a wonderful powerful herb for love spells, it is also used for protection, manifestation, healing especially in helping to mend a broken heart.

These oils are used to give your magick an extra boost.

They can be used as aids in spellwork, can be used to anoint candles/items etc a couple drops can be added to your daily chores.


Oils will be received in a glass bottle for easier application and are also reusable !


Disclaimer: While these products have been made with the strictest of love and research, please be advised that they may not help everyone. If you are suffering from a severe illness please seek a doctor.Buyer is responsible for the usage of the product. Please be aware of any allergys.

Do not use if pregnant

Balm of gilead (mend a broken heart) - herbal oil 10ml