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Ceremonial Hand-poked tattoos

Tattooing has been a sacred art for many centuries. It was and still is a right of passage, a ritual, and a way of protecting oneself. 

Nowadays as with anything else, it seems that this has been lost,  losing touch with the meaning and the meditation that it is to get a tattoo etched onto your body. 

My method is done just by using a needle and ink. My speciality is sacred magickal symbols or sigils designed for the receiver of the tattoo. you can either pick a symbol already made by myself or you can have one that is made by you or one that has resonated with you. 

As with anything that I do the tattooing will be a part of a ceremony, using crystals, music, magick and of course pain to set your intention... 

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Covid precautions applied


From £40 per hour

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