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Thankh you for visting my website.. where all things are magicakl! have a look around for something that will resonate with you.. any questions please use the lets chat! button at the bottom of the page. i will get back to you as soon as i can...

My name is Manuella Merkaba, Rootworker-Witch of many trades. I am a practicing shaman on my own path.  All my life I have been in touch with the energy that surrounds us, growing every step of the way and respecting the many wonders that is the universe.


As a society throughout the years, we have lost our spirituality, this is what I want to bring back, our love & fascination with the occult, and our wonder with mysticism, the way our ancestors did it. 

I love to create, all day long! This website and all the items, are a reflection of my soul, combining all my passions into one place and being able to share that with the rest of the world! 

I offer handmade magickal items all infused with my own magick from art, jewelry to oils, and tattoos, all unique and all filled with the energy that you will be able to feel as soon as you encounter it. 


   Experience and Share the magick!

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